Pascolo d’Oro dairy DOP Sicilian Pecorino


Pascolo d’Oro dairy was established in 1998. It is the result of the Ruta family’s experience in the dairy field (great-grandfather, grandfather, father). This dairy, by challenging the market competition rules, has become different thanks to a scrupulous choice of sheep-farming from which it gets the milk, new production methods, obviously more expensive for the period of processing, and the means used in manufacturing.
Pascolo d’Oro has intentionally chosen to process only sheep milk with modern equipment in order to take care of the hygienic/bacterial aspects but also with great care over tradition. Therefore consumers are guaranteed a high-quality product trying not to exceed the market prices.
The milk for production requirements comes from transhumance pastures of eastern Sicily (Ragusa, Syracuse, and the southern parts of Caltanissetta and Enna provinces)
Pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) production is divided in different types: white cheese, black pepper, red pepper, garden rocket, capers, walnuts, pistachios, with Nero d’Avola wine, black pepper and saffron.
In the last years the technique for DOP Sicilian Pecorino production has improved. This cheese is processed by using raw milk inside a wood vat with rush twigs, as old people used to do long time ago. A part of Pecorino is kept to mature by using meticulous traditional techniques in order to heighten its scent and taste.
Moreover, the dairy produces ricotta that, thanks to the special care for its processing, has a very delicate taste so that it is appreciated both in Italy and abroad. This kind of ricotta is produced in different flavours: baked fresh, salty, sweet.
Under these conditions Pascolo d’Oro dairy continues to be appreciated by the market, therefore, being careful to socio-economic evolution, it places itself as a business with a modern working view, open to any commercial or logistic requirement.

sheep’s milk cheese

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